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Tips for Summer Property Management

28.06.2019 Comments Off on Tips for Summer Property Management

While summer is typically the time to relax and enjoy the weather, this time of year can be an extremely slow season for your commercial property. If you manage your own property, you know that there’s always work that can be done and room for improvement. At Jcorp Realty Inc., we know a great deal about property management, especially in the summer. Read over these summer property management tips to keep your commercial property in shape this summer.

Summer Property Management Tips

  • Paint – The dry air outside will help paint adhere to the walls and dry quickly. Since it won’t be so frigid outside, you can leave your windows open for ventilation.
  • Gutter Cleaning – Clean the debris out of the gutters and check for any damages the cold weather may have caused.
  • HVAC Maintenance – Take preventative measures for your air conditioning units. You definitely don’t want your AC to stop working during peak summertime.
  • Exterior Sweep – Take a walk around your entire property while checking for any damages that may have occurred during the wintertime. Evaluate what you need to clean, repair, and replace.
  • Rot Repair – If you happen to have an older building with wood, you should inspect it annually for possible signs of rot. Take advantage of the dry air to replace any rotting wood.
  • Check State and Local Requirements – Make sure you’re aware of the state and local laws for seasonal requirements to meet compliance.
  • Review Finances and Contracts – In your “downtime” you can review bills, renegotiate contracts, and more when it’s too hot to even step foot outside. Note trends in utilities and maintenance and prepare for the upcoming year.

Most of your property management in the summer should be preventative maintenance because keeping up with the ins and outs of your property will save you money in the long run. We advise you to also pay attention to:

  • Lawn care
  • Insect and rodent control
  • Leaks or water damage
  • Electrical wiring
  • Root growth
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carpet/floor cleaning
  • Bacteria growth


When it comes to managing your property in the summer, you should always prioritize safety. We know that maintaining a property can be tough, especially if you own more than one. At Jcorp Realty Inc., we’re a full-service property management team, offering financial, administrative, and maintenance services for your commercial building. If you need someone to help manage your property in the summertime, look no further. Contact our property management team in Connecticut today.