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Commercial Real Estate Glossary Pt. 1

26.07.2019 Comments Off on Commercial Real Estate Glossary Pt. 1

Unlike residential real estate, commercial real estate involves longer contracts, higher prices, and complex terms. It’s important that you’re aware of the most important commercial real estate terms before diving into your first deal.


Commercial Real Estate Glossary




An individual/entity who transacts, represents, or manages business for another individual/entity. Permission is provided by the individual/entity being represented.


A major tenant in a retail center.

As-Is / As-Built

The space will be leased exactly the way it is now, the landlord won’t fund any improvements.

Assignment Clause

An assignment clause may prevent or prohibit the tenant from transferring the entire interest away to another person. In an assignment situation, the person who receives the assignment will be responsible for rent until the end of the lease term.

Average Daily Rate (ADR)

The average revenue generated per paid occupied room per day, calculated by dividing room revenue by the number of rooms sold. The ADR is commonly used in the hospitality industry together with the RevPAR metric to assess the property’s performance.



Base Year

The base amount of operating expenses a tenant is expected to pay, usually the amount in the year that the lease is signed. Increases in operating expenses above the base year are passed through to tenants, based on their pro-rata share of a building.


The amount of finish a space has including flooring, walls, finished plumbing, electrical work, etc.



Cap Rate

Also known as capitalization rate, which is the value given to the property when the Net Operating Income (NOI) is divided by the current market value or sales price. This rate helps a potential buyer determine the amount of return they will see for a given investment.

Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

A government-issued official form stating that the building is legally ready to be occupied.

Construction Documents

An all-encompassing term to describe the detailed documents such as all the necessary plans and blueprints to construct a tenant’s space or a building properly and accurately.


These are items that have to be met, changed, or remedied in order for a deal to close.




A signed, written instrument that conveys title to real property.

Divisible Minimum / Maximum

The smallest and largest sizes that a space can be made into. For example, a large space may be broken down into several smaller spaces to accommodate more users.



End Cap

Also known as end units, which are the stores at the corner of a strip mall type development. They often have two walls of glass instead of just one, providing greater visibility to customers.

Escalation clause

An escalation clause will explain the amount the rent will escalate or increase annually. The increase may be determined based upon the property taxes, operating expenses, or even the Consumer Price Index.


A written agreement among parties, requiring that certain property/funds be placed with a third party. The object in escrow is released to a designated entity upon completion of some specific occurrence.


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